2015 Roadeo Results

Community Transportation Association of Virginia

Annual State Roadeo Competition Pictures

Harrisburg, Virginia

April 11, 2015

These Bay Transit Drivers were the top two finishers in the Annual Bay Transit Roadeo held in April. Because they did so well, they became eligible to participate in the Annual State Roadeo Competition held in Harrisburg, VA.

While they did not win any events there, they turned in some very competitive results.

Bay Transit Drivers; Ronnie Ryals, Gloucester Office, on the left and Reginald Johnson, Warsaw Office ready to go and compete in the Roadeo!

Bay Transit Staff Attending CTAV Roadeo, Left to Right:

Safety Manager-Tom Clarke, Driver-Ronnie Ryals (Gloucester Office), Warsaw Office-Lead Dispatcher-Princess Wise, New Kent Office-Regional Supervisor-Faye Patterson, Driver-Reginald Johnson (Westmoreland) and Transit Director-Ken Pollock

Competition Judge, Warsaw Office Lead Dispatcher, Princess Wise ready to keep score at the “Right Turn”

Reginald Johnson backing into the event; “Right Hand Reverse”

Ronnie Ryals backing into the event; “Right Hand Reverse”

Competition Judge, New Kent Regional Supervisor, Faye Patterson on the right, waiting for her event, “Left Hand Turn” to begin

Transit Director, Ken Pollock is directing traffic as the “Official Starter” for the Roadeo