Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation Sponsoring ‘Art in Transit’ 2022

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(from left to right): Bay Aging board member Cynthia Talcott, the RCC’s President, Dr. Shannon Kennedy, and the RCC’s Vice President of College Advancement, Sarah Pope. 

Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, has received a $500 sponsorship donation from the Rappahannock Community College (RCC) Educational Foundation in support of the ‘Art in Transit’ 2022 contest and judged exhibition. Displaying the current RCC program and course offerings guide, RCC President Dr. Shannon Kennedy noted, “We are pleased to provide a $500 scholarship to help fund a continuing education opportunity that will allow a front-line employee at Bay Transit, such as a bus driver, mechanic, scheduler, or dispatcher, to take classes at Rappahannock Community College (RCC) or apply for the scholarship for a member of their family.”

Sarah Pope, RCC’s Vice President of College Advancement, added, “We have several successful partnerships already in place with Bay Transit, so we are thrilled to support their ‘Art in Transit’ 2022 initiative.” In 2019, Bay Transit installed bus shelters at RCC’s Warsaw and Glenns campuses. The same year, Bay Transit worked with the RCC Educational Foundation to eliminate fares for all students riding to and from RCC’s four campuses in Bay Transit buses. The RCC Educational Foundation reimburses Bay Transit for all student rides. “This initiative has been hailed by our students and administrators as a ‘godsend’ that has been critical to help transportation disadvantaged students access educational opportunities at RCC,” Pope said.

“We know how hard the Bay Transit bus drivers and other front-line staff have to work,” observed Bay Aging board director Cynthia Talcott. “Hopefully, financial assistance will help a Bay Transit employee, or employee’s family member, to pursue educational opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach,” Talcott added. “In today’s hypercompetitive job market, we are hopeful that offering educational opportunities to front-line staff will help to distinguish Bay Transit from other employment opportunities.”

The “Call for Entries” to artists throughout the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula to participate in the ‘Art in Transit’ 2022 contest and judged exhibition was issued in January and the deadline for entries and art submissions to the RAL Art Center in Kilmarnock is April 18th between 10 AM and 12 PM. This year’s award winners will be recognized at the ‘Art in Transit’ 2022 reception on Friday night, May 20th. The culmination of the reception will once again occur when a copy of the first-place entry is unveiled on the side of a Bay Transit bus.

To find out more and to download the entry form, please visit the RAL Art Center at www.RALartcenter.com or call RAL at (804) 436-9309. You can also download a copy of the Call for Entries and entry form by visiting the Bay Transit website at www.BayTransit.org.

Bay Transit and RAL Art Center Partner in First Ever ‘Art in Transit’ Exhibit

 Winning artist received $700 first prize and their work is displayed on Bay Transit bus

Bay Transit, the RAL Art Center, and Gander Design held the first ever ‘Art in Transit’ competition and exhibition this October to help commemorate Bay Transit’s 25th Anniversary.  The award winners were recognized at the ‘Art in Transit’ Reception in Kilmarnock on Friday night, October 29th.  The culmination of the reception occurred when the first-place entry was unveiled on the side of a Bay Transit bus to the delight of the audience.

To reveal the first-place winner, Bay Transit Director Ken Pollock asked the audience to join him on the sidewalk in front of the RAL Art Center.  As the front doors were opened, there was a Bay Transit bus with Brenda M. Sylvia’s acrylic painting, “Jumping for Joy” displayed on the side of the bus.  “I feel really honored, and it looks great on the bus,” Ms. Sylvia said.  “I’m getting ready to cry.”  After Pollock presented Ms. Sylvia with the $700 first-place check and her Bay Transit 25th anniversary tumbler, she used a permanent marker to sign and date her artwork on the bus.

To see photographs of all the award winners, please visit Bay Transit’s Facebook page   To learn more about Brenda Sylvia’s Silver Raven Studios, please visit: www.silverravenstudios.com.

Painting of Dog frollicking in water
Brenda Sylvia signing the bus

Bay Transit honored by the Virginia Transit Association

2020 Outstanding Community Program Award recognizes partnership with RCC 

(Urbanna, VA) – Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, has been recognized by the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) as the Outstanding Community Program Award winner for 2020.  Bay Transit’s partnership with the Rappahannock Community College (RCC) Educational Foundation eliminated fares for all students riding to and from RCC’s four campuses on Bay Transit.  The initiative has been hailed by students and administrators as a “godsend.”  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, RCC students were embracing the partnership and RCC was enjoying increased enrollment.  After launching the program in mid-January, Bay Transit’s RCC ridership increased 327% versus the same two-month period in 2019 (615 vs. 188).

“We are honored to be recognized by the VTA for outstanding community programs like our innovative partnership with RCC,” said Ken Pollock, Director of Bay Transit.  “As it did for so many people, communities and businesses, COVID-19 caused a sudden curtailment of life as we knew it.  Yet the pandemic also afforded Bay Transit many new ways to help the communities that we serve.  Whether Bay Transit drivers were delivering groceries to area seniors, getting residents to their polling places on Election Day, or helping get essential workers to their jobs, we remain committed to doing everything we can in good times and in difficult times.”

Reflecting on the year that this was, Pollock concluded, “I am so proud of the entire Bay Transit team.  Throughout these difficult times, we have never suspended service.  It is an honor to serve with this dedicated team.”

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Bay Aging, through its Bay Transit Division provides thousands of rides a year throughout the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and beyond. The majority of its passengers are picked up and delivered to their homes in rural parts of the region 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As you can imagine, the word “rural” is a key component of the environment in which passenger’s live and the Bay Transit buses must reach each and every one.

To do this, many homeowners have residences that are easy to get to and others, well, not so much. This past winter was filled with ice, snow, lots of rain and it all led to driveways that were muddy, slippery and dangerous.

To keep the passengers, Drivers and buses safe, Drivers must be very aware at all times of road and driveway hazards such as those this winter. To keep Drivers aware, there was an awareness campaign this past winter that, to this date was successful. Driving safely was stressed in the Quarterly Safety Meetings and large posters showing buses stuck in the mud but the most effective warning was notifying Drivers several times a day to be aware of their surroundings. Each bus has an electronic tablet that is used for the driving schedule and Transit Dispatchers in the office are able to send safety messages throughout the day that show up on the tablet reminding Drivers to always be careful and to be safe. This technology is effective, efficient and timely and can be spread throughout the whole service area with a single key stroke!

Each year Bay Transit strives to provide the best and safest transportation in the region through professional Drivers, equipment and technology.