New Driver Training

Training for Bay Transit Drivers includes twenty-seven topics such as: Safety, Customer Service, Emergency Procedures, and Defensive driving.

There are at least twenty-six hours of classroom training, and four hours of closed course training/evaluation in the large parking lot at Bay Transit’s Warsaw Facility, along with four more hours of wheelchair lift/securement training.

Following that is forty hours of behind-the-wheel training at each of the counties where the driver will be driving.

Bay Transit follows industry standards as outlined in the TAPTCO Paratransit training curriculum which is used nationally by over 50 cities and agencies.

 If you might be interested in driving for Bay Transit, info is here

Pictures from the Warsaw closed-course training

Wheelchair Training

Recent Graduates

New Drivers Graduating class of August 2019

Say hello to our newest class of drivers!

Graduating Class of July, 2019

Left to Right

Howard Veney (Warsaw)
Linda Gaskins (White Stone)
Ivan Williams (Gloucester)
Diane Whited (Gloucester)
John (Eddie) Brooks (Warsaw)

Graduating Class of June 6th, 2018

Left to Right

John Pryor Gloucester
Cindy White Gloucester
Cory Hearnsberger Gloucester
Jamie Deavers Gloucester
Bill Rowe White Stone
Vernon Johnson Westmoreland

October 19th, 2o17

Left to Right

Fred Taylor  Gloucester
Kermit Green White Stone
Matt Elliott White Stone
James “Pete” Peterson Gloucester
Wayne King Warsaw
Theresa Garner Westmoreland
Tanya Palmer White Stone

Graduating Class of July 05, 2017

Left to Right

Linwood Johnson (Colonial Beach)
LC Arthur (Essex County)
Willie Murray (West Point Region)
Steven Waterfield (Deltaville, Lancaster)
Tamika Gray (Gloucester)
Curtis Strickland (Lancaster)

Graduating Class of March 8-15, 2017

Left to Right

Thomas Crump – New Kent/Charles City
Michael Shackleford – New Kent/Charles City
James Haydon – Richmond County
Mary McDowney – Colonial Beach
Gery Pachucki – Middlesex
Debbie Hiller – Colonial Beach

Graduating Class of November 2, 2016:

Left to Right:

James Foster – Gloucester Office
Kenny Braxton – Middlesex County
Ernest Washington – Warsaw Office
Larry Taylor – Warsaw Office
Bobby Brooks – Warsaw Office

Graduating class of 07/20/2016

Left to Right

Kimberly West – Gloucester Office
Bill Taylor – Colonial Beach
James Campbell – Middlesex County
Sabrina Gordon – Warsaw Office
Rich Watts – Warsaw Office
William “Butter” Hopewell – Colonial Beach

Graduating Class of 03/14/2016

Left to Right

Robert “Dink” Jones – Warsaw
Tammy Jenkins – Gloucester
Dennis Bushrod – Warsaw
Darnise Burrell – White Stone
Jamie Thomas – Warsaw

Graduating Class of 10/07/2015

Left to Right

Ralph Crain – New Kent
Doug Trew – Colonial Beach
Steve Enoch – Gloucester
Sonny Batres – Warsaw
Kathy Craven – Warsaw
Howard Hartso – Warsaw
Bill Ellis – Gloucester
Thomas Webb – New Kent

Graduating class of 07/01/2015

Left to Right

Clarence Morris – Warsaw
Ken Kunkle  – Gloucester
Donna Taylor – Warsaw
Randall Shackleford – Gloucester
Jesse Brown – Gloucester
Mary Lee Brown (Gloucester)

Graduating class of 01/07/2015

From Left to right:

Sue Salayi – New Kent
Janice Turner – Warsaw
Wayne Parsley – New Kent
Walter Mitchell – Warsaw
Cynthia Headley – Warsaw
Not pictured: Sue Renke – Gloucester

Graduating class of 9/24/2014

From left to right:

Rudy Rudisill (Gloucester)
John Harris (New Kent)
Donald Brown (Colonial Beach)
Bill Douglas (White Stone)
Jim Wheeler (Gloucester)
Bill Rarey (Gloucester)

Left to Right
Arthur Anderson (New Kent Co.)
Sandy Davis (Northumberland Co.)
Kathy Cochran (Essex Co.)
Andre White (Richmond Co.)
Donald Harrington (Gloucester)

Kathy Cochran
Andre White

Left to Right
Mike Chatterton (Gloucester)
Tanya Pettigrew (New Kent)
Wayne Oliff (Richmond Co.)
Mike Strong (Lancaster)
Wendell Bibb (King & Queen)
Gary Jenkins (Middlesex)

Alvin Fisher (Lancaster/Kilmarnock Trolley)
Odessa Jones (Westmoreland)
Bud Frye (Gloucester)
Henry Gresham (Gloucester)
George Hammond (Gloucester)

Linda Ashton(Westmorland)
Richard Morris(New Kent/Charles City)
Margaret Jones (Gloucester)