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We believe that every citizen must be assured accessible and safe transportation to the local destination of their choice without regard for disability, age, or economic status

Out of an abundance of caution, please be advised that all Bay Transit offices will not be accepting visitors until further notice. Bay Transit continues to operate many of our services and can be contacted by calling the Bay Transit Ride Line at (877) 869-6046.

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 l-r Patti Balderson, Doris Thompson Maxine Veney, Mary Lankford, Princess Wise, Dina Cunningham

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l-r Rosa Harrington, Amber Pryor, Claudia Pratt, Debbie Brown

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l-r Ms. Arnita Bryant, and Bay Transit drivers Howard Veney, Robert Johnson, Edwin Clark and Bobby Brooks.

Bay Transit “heroes” providing outstanding customer service to our riders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bay Transit Covid-19 Service Update

Bay Transit continues to operate as normal:

  • We are conducting employee health checks for all Bay Transit employees at the beginning of their shift every day, including checking for COVID-19 symptoms and taking their temperature.
  • All buses are being disinfected several times a day.
  • On demand service is available throughout the service area from Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM.
  • To minimize passenger and driver interaction, Bay Transit has suspended all fare collection.  That means all passengers ride for free until further notice.
  • As customers call in to schedule rides, they are pre-screened.
  • To facilitate social distancing while on the bus, we limit buses to a maximum of three people and have seats taped off to keep riders separated and away from the bus driver and other riders.
  • In coordination with area hospitals, Bay Transit has suspended stops at Urgent Care facilities and hospitals along our fixed route lines in Gloucester and Essex County.
  • As customers call in to schedule rides, we are asking them to limit travel to essential rides to work, medical appointments, the bank and shopping for necessities.
  • Whenever possible, we are asking riders to wear face masks while riding on Bay Transit buses.

If You Are Sick, Don’t Ride the Bus

  • No Fever of 100.4 or Higher
  • No Chills, Coughing, Sore Throat or Shortness of breath

Keep Your Distance

  • Stay 6 Feet Away From Driver
  • Do Not Pay Fare – it has been suspended (See above)
  • Walk Quickly Past the Driver
  • Stay 6 Feet Away from Other Passengers
As ordered by the Governor, beginning Friday, May 29th, ALL Bay Transit drivers and passengers are required to wear face masks when boarding, riding and alighting from Bay Transit buses.  If you are ten years old or older you must wear a mask while riding on Bay Transit.

Help Keep Our Drivers & Passengers Safe

Driver wearing mask standing by bus door

Bay Transit has recently completed a comprehensive development plan update which can be viewed here

Bay Transit is pleased to be partnering with Gloucester County to expand the hours of the Courthouse Circulator and HiveXpress flexible routes to 8am-4pm Monday through Friday beginning July 20, 2020.  The expanded service will be available until December 30, 2020.


Bay Transit is running three deviated fixed public transportation routes.

Rides are $0.50 cents, transfers from other Bay Transit transportation are free.

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Beehive Express Buss

There is now a route connecting Gloucester Courthouse with Gloucester Point.  For details, click below

Now Serving Our Region!!


tag line Move your group of people in a fun and relaxing way…Weddings, family reunions, corporate meetings, church groups, academic outings, sporting events, seniors groups…we can get you there!

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MEDCARRY provides non-emergency medical transportation to persons 60 years and older that live in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula.

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Middle Peninsula Rideshare – your long-distance commute connection to Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia/D.C. and beyond

Bay Transit is a non-profit community transit service serving the counties of Charles City, Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex, New Kent, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland.

Bay Transit provides on-demand service and offers a handful of fixed routes in some communities. We operate from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Bay Transit is the ONLY public transportation provider in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck region. In 2017, Bay Transit provided nearly 150,000 rides

and over 40% were work related.

Bay Transit also provides the same quality, dependable transportation service

for the citizens of New Kent and Charles City counties!

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Bay Transit (a division of Bay Aging) hereby gives public notice that it is Bay Transit’s policy to assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Circular 4702.1A, and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Title VI requires that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex or national origin be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or otherwise subjected to discrimination under any FTA program or other activity for which Bay Transit receives Federal financial assistance.